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A story about the origins of "Trillium Finch"

Nina Foster

Welcome to the blog! I decided for our first post that I would give you the background story of where the name "Trillium Finch" came from. You will find with me that most things have stories, memories, people or totems attached to them - it's who I've always been.

When I started my flower farm in 1999, I named it Harmonyfarm - one word - to be different from the many other Harmony farms named after the area where we lived. No thought, no memory, no totem - just "quick name it before the baby wakes up." Not so harmonious, but it worked for several years while I did farmers' markets and local deliveries. Until the time came when I needed to honor that part of me that likes the story, memory and totems.

When I was a girl growing up in rural Vermont, my oldest sister, Gray (17 years my senior) lived nearby with her little family. I spent much of my time with them. My nephew and niece and I were lucky, because Gray was amazing. She spent time making art with us, taking us into the woods, reading to us - she fed our souls. 

At the end of winter when we kids were stir-crazy for spring, the snow would start to melt, and you could actually imagine that spring might come. Gray would announce, "The snow is melting, 'you know what that means?" Wide-eyed we sat in front of her. "What?" we would respond. "Spring is on its way! The snow is almost gone and soon the trilliums will bloom and the fairies will start to wake!" My heart would skip a beat in complete wonder, joy and excitement. We would bundle up and head into the woods in Ripton and Goshen - in search of the trillium, and a glimpse of a woodland fairy waking from winter slumber. I swear I saw them!

So I had "trillium" with this great connection to a memory: mysterious and magical fairies and flowers. I still needed to make it my own. For some time nothing came to me. Then, one day while discussing the "Trillium_______?" situation with a friend, my daughter Lily came skipping through the kitchen, overheard our conversation, and without missing a beat said, "How about Trillium Finch? Trillium for Gray, and Finch for Meema," (my mother). I sat there slack-jawed...it was perfect! 

My mother loved having birdfeeders around her house. The finch feeders were near the windows so she could see them when they came. They were her favorites. She had passed away the spring before we named "Trillium Finch." I'd come home from the hospital the day she died, and looking out my kitchen window, there on the sill was a tiny yellow finch looking right at me...So began Trillium Finch. 

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  • So glad I read it! Beautiful and heartwarming – just like you!!

    Daniele Allion Strawn

  • Beautiful story Nina. Tears in my eyes as I read about your wonderful sister. You know that I too had an older sister, by 14 years who had the same effect on my life. Thank you for sharing about her and the perfect naming of your business.

    Laurie Garza

  • Smiling ear to ear rehearing your story. May many more stories spill out of you like fairy fluff on a forest breeze❤️???


  • Congratulations on your new website- Everything is beautiful and I love hearing your first story! Thank you


  • Like the Tomten stories, Your writing invigorated my spirit of magic and love of the outdoors.
    I can’t wait for the next chapter of love and connection.


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